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Nancy Gagnon is the proud founder and president of Alpha Contact Inc.

Nancy is a qualified professional in the field of human potential optimization. Through her various programs, she offers specialized services in personal development, including conflict management and personal safety.

Nancy's background showcases a multidisciplinary profile, encompassing studies in psychology, anthropology, private training, human relations therapy, bio-mechanics, Olympic combat techniques, tactical combat and street combat. With this extensive skill set, Nancy aims to offer a holistic approach to personal growth and development and to guide you on your journey to maximize your human experience through empowerment.

After studying psychology and anthropology, she began training in Taekwondo under Master Chong Lee for many years, reaching the level of 4th Dan black belt.

Her goal was to compete in the Olympic Games. In 1988 and 1992, she had the opportunity to take part in the Olympic qualifying rounds for Seoul and Barcelona.

Following rigorous training, she then became a trainer from basic level to high level competitors in Taekwondo, in street fighting as well as various other martial arts styles.​
To refine her skills, she learned Boxing, Aikido, Jujitsu, tactical combat with bare hands, with bladed weapons, with firearms, the PR-24 (police baton), the QuickStick as well as the Kubotan which she still teaches today.

In 2002, she began her career as a therapist, obtaining a diploma in masso-kinesitherapy from the Institut KinéConcept. She then went on to study osteopathy at the prestigious Sutherland Academy to perfect her approach and offer her clients even greater results. She has spent over 22 years as a therapist specializing in bio-mechanics.

In 2008, Nancy made the decision to leverage her diverse range of expertise to provide you a unique opportunity – the chance to access a comprehensive program that combines multiple areas of knowledge.

In addition to her knowledge in the different fields mentioned, Nancy has also honed her skills in human relations and counseling as a graduate of the CFPRH School.

In 2019, she has decided to develop her own new program entitled “Now I Own It” to offer you the opportunity to learn the concepts necessary to unlock your inner power and finally live the life you've always wanted.

Nancy has devoted over 40 years to mastering the art of psychology, human relations, communication, emotional intelligence, biomechanics and combat.

Her diverse experience has enabled her to bring Alpha Contact's unique approach to life, enabling you to achieve concrete, rapid and effective results. This method can really enable you to be everything you want to be, to be on YOUR “X”, both in your personal and professional life, and as quickly as possible. All you have to do is contact us!

Here's what our customers say

Nancy Gagnon is an excellent coach-trainer in personal protection and self-defense. Since taking her training courses, I can say loud and clear #JeprendsMAplace! I wholeheartedly recommend her conferences and training sessions.

Brigitte Dijon

Nancy Gagnon is a knowledgeable and passionate professional that can be compared to non-other in her fields. Her concept of self-defense and owning your space is a life changing way of living. Every woman, person should take her conferences and trainings. They offer solutions to manage emotions, protect ourselves and simply put, a necessary tool for everyone. Being in her presence you will feel her hearty of gold, the confidence in her qualifications and just want to learn more and more from her.

- Nancy

Nancy Gagnon is a first-rate professional massotherapist who has now expanded into the highly-specialized field of Kinesiotherapy. This is typical of Nancy to reach for the top in her field. Not only is she a skilled and attentive therapist, she is a sincerely caring human being. I highly recommend Nancy.
Ayesha Mohid

I took the self-defense course in 2008 when I was often traveling alone for work.

My goal was to equip myself with techniques that would come in handy if I ever had to defend myself in a potentially less secure place such as a parking lot or hotel. What I got out of the course was so much more. Not only did Nancy teach us the legal, technical and physical side of things, but I came away with enormous self-confidence. It was also an emotional and cathartic course for me and for the other women in the class, each of us with our own experience of situations where just a little more self-confidence would have made a big difference. All women have the power to defend and protect themselves. It's not just for those who practice martial arts, because violence is more than just the physical aspect of combat. It can also be verbal and/or psychological. Mental, emotional and physical well-being is a fundamental right that belongs to everyone and deserves to be defended.

I highly recommend this course with Nancy. It's a gift to give yourself or a loved one.

- Simona

I attended Nancy's self-defense class and to say it was great doesn't even come close. It was truly a life-changing weekend that all the women in the group shared. What was so special was that even though it was a self-defense class, it was so much more. We were given the freedom, tools and support to face some of our fears and vulnerabilities. Able to understand in a safe environment, why some of our past experiences brought us to where we were. Yes, we were given the basic defense techniques, yes we practiced (on a real man unprotected by pads to say the least), yes, we were given the dos and don'ts of staying safe, but, we also had the benefit of understanding ourselves deeply, which allows us to be so much stronger than we were before. I could go on at length about Nancy's qualifications, but you can read it on the tab. What I need to tell you is that what she has to offer is something you can't get anywhere else.

This course will change your life and you'll want to change the world. Just do it! Take the course! Bring your daughter, your mom, your nieces and all your friends! You'll never be the same! I can't thank you enough, Nancy, for everything this weekend has brought me!

You are a true inspiration!

-Nancy Babeu

In June 2019, I have booked a customized session with Nancy, for me and my team of employees.

We are twenty investment and retirement specialists for a Canadian financial institution. Our biggest responsibility remains being in contact with customers to help them better structure their finances. The meetings take place either in a bank branch or in the client's home. Given that the number of meetings is high, and the risk of confrontation can arise, I found that training of this scope was a perfect fit with our reality.

My team came away excited and equipped to deal with difficult situations with customers or even employees, should they arise!
Especially as we've recently experienced cases of financial abuse by adult children of their elderly parents, who are often affected by physical or mental disabilities.

We have a professional and moral duty to intervene when we detect abuse, which doesn't please the child, who often defends himself by raising his voice or showing violence.
They all told me that branch employees, who are on the front line with customers, should have a minimum of training to avoid injury, absence (disability) or legal recourse. It's unfortunate, but when there's money involved, there's discord, and it's not uncommon to see customers lashing out, especially verbally, at employees.
Our training took place over half a day, based on our reality. A theoretical side to understand why and what we have the right to do, and a practical side to apply self-defense techniques in the event of an altercation!

Highly recommended training for anyone in contact with humans!

A big thank you Nancy for your professionalism and your ability to adapt to the people in front of you!

- Jean-Sébastien

What a pleasure it was to accompany Nancy in the strategic planning of her company! I worked with Nancy and had a wonderful opportunity to discover an extraordinary woman, passionate and invested in a mission bigger than herself.
Her passion is contagious. Nancy is connected to her customers and understands them deeply. She has all the knowledge and skills to accompany them on this journey to help them develop the posture of trust necessary for profound transformation. She offers them the tools to help them integrate new reflexes to protect themselves and manage conflict situations safely and effectively.
During a meeting at the start of our relationship, I spontaneously told Nancy that I felt like she was 200 years old. With her experience and knowledge, Nancy offers a unique approach to the 3Cs of the human being: Body, Heart and Brain. Her background in these 3 spheres, rarely found in a single person, makes her a unique individual who has developed a very comprehensive approach to equipping people to bring concrete results to their lives.
What inspiration she shares with those around her, what inner strength she exudes, and what a journey she has taken her company on!

She has my admiration. I affectionately call her "Ninja Nancy".

-Isabelle Giroux

There was no way my daughter could go to Edmonton for a whole summer to work as a student without taking a course with Nancy. As a mother, I needed to sleep soundly. It was the best gift I could have given my daughter. In addition to understanding the risks, she has gained so much self-confidence. Every teenager and young adult should seriously take this course!

- Marie

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